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Chaise à bascule_Complet.jpg

By harnessing body movements, this rocking chair is at the origin of soothing and evocative sounds. It promotes relaxation and reverie through a gentle and regular sound close to the water surf. It incorporates the sensory qualities of sound due to a system inspired by the rain stick, a percussion instrument widespread in the first peoples. With discretion and poetry, this piece of furniture participates in the development of a soundscape in the habitat sphere.

Materials: ash, glass beads, natural linen cushions.
Dimensions: L: 565 x D: 920 x H: 870

Prototype presented at the "DNSEP object design" 2014 in Orléans.

This lamp has nine sound strings through which the user can manipulate the light. The ignition, the extinction, the variation of the luminous intensity are the supports for the scripting of a new range of gestures. The strings can be grazed, pinched, or pressed through different combinations. By summoning a sensitive and musical gesture in the accomplishment of a common task, the objective is to arouse the pleasure of action in the user. This physical involvement could be the key to the creation of a sensitive and affective relationship between Man and his daily objectional environment.

Materials: ash, spruce, boxwood, classical acoustic guitar strings in E, A and D. Electronic system: Arduino board, piezoelectric sensors, resistors, transistors, Leds, 9V battery, dimensions: H 570, Ø 215.

Project presented at the "DNSEP object design" 2014 in Orléans.

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