I started working wood through a cabinetmaking course. In this context, I had the opportunity in 2006 to do a "discovery" internship with Didier Jarny, a master luthier who lives in "Tours" in France. I quickly became passionate about the beauty of his very special musical instruments: lutes ...! and the universe of Early music. Following this initiation to instrumental making, I continued on my original path and I got the higher diploma in cabinet-making (DMA "habitat") in 2010. After that, I turned to object design studies, while carefully keeping in the back of my mind the very beautiful experiences I had known with lute making.


I then did an experimental luthery project based on the specificities of the wood material and its sound qualities. On the theme of the hybridization between musical instrument-making and object design, this project allowed me to obtain a master's degree in art and design in 2014.


After working for a few years in the field of design, I decided to finally turn entirely to the craft of luthier by carrying out an advanced training with Didier Jarny, who had made me discover lutes 12 years ago. As a result of this journey, I set up my workshop in "Eloyes" near "Nancy"(in the east of France) in order to manufacture my own ancient instruments with plucked strings.