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My journey with lute making started in 2006 when I had the opportunity to build my first lute with Didier Jarny, a master luthier who lives in Tours, France. On that occasion, I could discover the beauty of these musical instruments and the world of Early Music.

Following this first experience in making instruments, I continued my courses in cabinet making and graduated with a DMA (Diploma in Arts and Crafts) "Habitat" in 2010. Afterward, I enrolled in a design school where I created the "Daily life musical instruments" project on the theme of the hybridization between musical instrument making and object design. This project allowed me to obtain a Master's Degree in Art and Design in 2014.

After working for a few years in the field of design, I decided to turn entirely towards the craft of luthier and carried out an advanced training with Didier Jarny, who had made me discover lutes 12 years ago.

Life then led me near Nancy (in the east of France) where I set up my workshop in 2019.

PORTRAIT - Le bois c'est mon métier - Luthière

PORTRAIT - Le bois c'est mon métier - Luthière

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