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- 4C Renaissance guitar - scale 54cm

- 6C Renaissance lute - scale 44cm x 2 instruments

- 6C Renaissance lute - scale 51cm

- 11C Baroque lute - scale 70.5cm

Each instrument is supplied with a semi-rigid case.

This list is updated in real time.


Child price : 30€ / month

Lute and guitar adult price : 45€ / month

Theorbo adult price : 55€ / month

Reduced price (if instrument ordered from the workshop): 25€ / month

The rental period is 1 month minimum and 10 months maximum. After 10 months, if the client wishes to continue to rent the musical instrument, he must sign a new contract and provide a new deposit check and an updated insurance certificate..


The insurance of the instrument is mandatory and at the expense of the client. It must cover all risks that may arise in the customer’s home, outside his home and in any vehicle. In order to be covered, the customer can contact his home insurance or take out specialized insurance (Example: Adagio Insurance for about 50€ / year). 


An insurance certificate will be provided by the client to Sarah Blanchard Lutherie for the rented instrument during the concerned period.

A deposit cheque of a value of 1000€, it will be requested from the customer at the start of the rental and will be returned to him at the time of the return of the instrument, subject to the good condition of the latter. If the instrument is not returned, Sarah Blanchard Lutherie will be obliged to cash the cheque.

The removal and the return of the instrument will be done imperatively at Sarah Blanchard Lutherie's workshop.

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